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Direct Costing Module of the


  • Specify the allocation of your employees' time

  • Calculate a Fully-Burdened Hourly Rate for each position

  • Determine the full costs of any service

    • Currently Provided

    • Proposed for the Future

  • Make changes or run different scenarios

  • No need for a consultant

  • Stand-Alone or Fully Integrated with our Cost Allocation Plan / Indirect Cost Module

  • Purchase Support Modules for extra functionality

More Information:

  • Pricing and Ordering Details

  • Go to the Support Page for software downloads, detailed manuals, and FAQ's.

  • Learn more about Service Costing

  • More questions? Contact Us

  • Thinking about hiring a consultant?

Support Modules:

  • Fringes Module: Calculate fringe benefit costs which are a major component of the Fully-Burdened Hourly rate. Can be used to calculate the cost of changing benefits.

  • Internal Services Module: Calculate and spread the costs of internal services which are not currently allocated through the accounting system.

  • Overhead Module: Calculate various levels of overhead costs either as an alternative to the CAP or to capture overheads not spread by the CAP.

  • Asset Module: Calculates and updates the replacement cost of fixed assets used by employees and services. Also, tracks the historical cost of assets. (Useful GASB-34 tool)

  • All calculations are automatically included as part of the Full Cost of services in the Direct Module!

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