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Like all RCS studies, only partners who have decades of experience will be working with you. This means that we will not send out a junior employee with less experience to do the actual work.

RCS does not expect you to do our work for us. We will not give you time allocation forms to fill out and get back to us. Instead, RCS will sit down with your staff to determine the best way to allocate the administrative costs. We will have a series of meetings with each administrative department so that they buy into each step of the process.


RCS uses a 20-step allocation model to insure that all costs are being allocated in an equitable manner and presented in an understandable way.


And most importantly, RCS will stand behind its work. If a presentation is needed to explain the Cost Allocation process, it will be done by the someone with decades of experience, who, not coincidentally, will be the same person who did the work.

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