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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Let's go meet in my room

So, I can crunch numbers all night…and make it all right. Yeah, video conferencing has become a part of my workplace, and in my opinion, has made me more effective. Video conference platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting took off due to the Pandemic, and I don’t know why it took so long to get here.

Zoom is so convenient in setting up meetings quickly and makes attending multiple meetings more possible. Prior to virtual conferencing, meetings would have to be scheduled days in advance, require travel time to and from the client site, and I would have to print documents and materials ahead of time. The 8-20 hours per week for travel is now spent working on client projects. There are no travel expenses in our proposals anymore. I now submit more proposals to RFPs, assuming that potential clients are finally comfortable with remote work. It was also difficult to meet with multiple clients in a single day, so one client would have to schedule meetings further out on the calendar. Virtual conferencing has made me more accessible to my clients.

Virtual conferencing allows me to quickly share information. Most of my files and spreadsheets are kept on the computer, which I can easily access and screen-share during the virtual meeting as opposed to a conference room. I can also search on the web, or a staff person can email me a document to share with everyone.

Some of my clients have complained about too many videoconference meetings, and no in-person meetings. I agree that important kick-off meetings and public hearings should be in-person. Basically, first-time meetings or those where we need to read the room should be in person. Confidential issues or review of sensitive information should also be discussed in person. But, working meetings are more effective with people in front of their computer.

In summary, virtual meetings are here to stay and makes business more productive. I think I’ll start buying and building the RCS Meta Office in the meta world now. Anyone interested in buying its NFT?

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