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Gratitude for 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I am certainly happy that we’re in 2021, and there’s a vaccine for the virus which has affected all our lives and killed over 2 Million worldwide. I can’t wait for the day that my family, friends and all of us can return to our normal lives. However, I am grateful to have made it through 2020 with all the different experiences it brought us.

I am grateful that RCS was able to continue working through 2020. Half of our work relies on working onsite throughout the State, and the lockdown made that impossible. Fortunately, everyone became comfortable with Zoom, Webex, and other web conferencing, so we were able to continue meeting with our wonderful clients.

These online meetings have brought a new level of effectiveness, and I hope our industry continues to use them. Having participants sitting in front of their computer means immediate access to data which is not possible when meeting in conference rooms. Scheduling meetings is effortless, and the discussions are more in-depth. Online meetings allow more participants, more questions are asked, and answers are collaborative.

2020 was also RCS’s 40th year in business, and we started it off with a party at the 2020 CSMFO Conference. Our partners at HdL, GovInvest, and Pun Group helped us put together a fabulous Social in Downtown Disney, and we were happy to see many of you there. We planned on a year full of celebrations, but again, a small virus defeated our plans. Instead, RCS was able to update our logo, website and many of our reports. We also updated our costing software, and we are excited to start using it for our future projects. I’m grateful 2020 allowed me the time to work on these projects. Also, RCS grew in 2020! We hired several individuals, and they are doing a phenomenal job learning about costing of services and impact fee calculations.

Finally, I am thankful to have made it through 2020 safe and healthy. I was consistently cautious and encouraged those in my life to also take care of themselves. The lengthy bouts of self-isolation included some binge-watching on Netflix and Disney+. I’m glad no one in my family was seriously affected. I have close friends whose family members were infected, but also happy to know they recovered. I’m sad that I won’t get to chat with you at the upcoming CSMFO Conference, but know we will meet again in the near future.

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